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Reinventing the retail landscape

InContext harnesses the power of innovative technology, combined with merchandising transformation, to enable brands and banners to reduce the time, cost, and risk of retail innovation.

Our Industry Experience

Apparel + Footwear

<p><span class="s1">Enabling state of the art digital sampling and visual merchandising.</span></p>

Private Brands

<p><span class="s1">Refining brand and shopper strategy to drive total retail sales.</span></p>

Consumer Goods

<p><span class="s1">Transforming the speed and time required to optimize retail in electronics, consumables, food, and general merchandise.</span></p>


<p><span class="s1">Optimizing in restaurant and drive-thru guest experience to improve average check value and repeat visits.</span></p>


<p><span class="s1">Partnering with leading shopper and market research agencies to quantify the impact.</span></p>
Store Aisle
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