Insights with Impact
Retail Evaluation

We believe you should use the most representative, realistic, research approach you can.

You can have shoppers all over the world shopping in the most realistic environments, which removes biases from traditional methods and expands your reach.

Options that range from standardized to fully custom.

Fast & Cost Effective

<p class="p1">We have 8 standardized approaches to address the most common shopper insights business issues.</p>

Risk Mitigation

<p class="p1">Identify ideas that don't work quickly to allow you to fail fast.</p>

Identify Growth Opportunities

<p class="p1">Find the ideas and strategies that do work so you can provide sales lift to your partners.</p>

Granularity of Analysis

<p class="p1">The data collected is at SKU level and respondent level which enables the most granular analysis. This provides a level of insight that's not possible with other market tools.</p>

Depth of Virtual Research Expertise

<p class="p1">Our team has the most experience within the retail industry with executing complex virtual studies.</p>

Innovative Research Approach

<p class="p1">Innovative use of virtual simulations to answer the most basic or difficult shopping questions.</p>
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